1. R & D Center
- Science-based technical team which of many PhDs, Masters and Senior Engineers, devotes to the innovation for modern organic and green agriculture.
- The degradation of animal and vegetable protein raw materials.
- The improvement of raw materials function.
- The biological fermentation technology R & D of feed grade natural plants (Chinese medicinal herb).
- Development of a new generation of organic trace element chelates.
- New organic fertilizer and biological fermented fertilizer.
- The best recommended nutritional solution of feed grade oil.
- Participating in the drafting of industry standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, the revision of national standards, and the formulation of production licensing conditions for feed additive products.
- The project of fermented soybean meal has reached the international advanced level.
- With the strong capital strength and long history animal industrial experience, the company builds the first-class application R & D platform and supplies the professional solutions for the clients, and establishes the close cooperation relationship with the related domestic research institutes, eg. Jiangnan University, the Engineering and Technology Center of Feed Additives of Chinese Chemical Industry, China Agricultural University, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ocean University of China, etc.
2. Testing Center
- Technical team: 12 engineers, 5 PhDs and Masters, 7 BSc.
- Division: inorganic physical analysis, organic physical analysis, microorganism, quality information analysis.
- A long term and close technical cooperation with Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao Agricultural University, etc.
- Provides the excellent testing and value application service platform, with scientific method, accurate data and standardized service.
- Service: feed quality testing, raw material value evaluating, test method innovation, new technology application, testing staff training.