Lactation Booster Blend

Composition: extruded soybean, imported fish meal, yeast fermentation substrate, medium-chain fatty acids, arginine and amino acids, β carotene and vitamins, organic trace elements.
- a birth sow,
- more than 10 suckling sows,
- breastfeeding sows with lean body fat and less milk
- suckling sows with low feed intake
Usage and Dosage:
7 days before weaning of lactating sows, 0.5kg per head per day
- Good tasty. Increase the feed intake of sows, increase the digestibility and absorption rate, and increase the weaning weight of piglets.
- Rich omega - 3 fatty acid, EPA and DHA, enhance the sow's own immunity, help to balance the amino acid balance and electrolyte balance of the sow feed, effectively improve the milk quality and quantity.
- Improve the piglet fat dysentery caused by milk problems in sow.
- Reduce the sow backfat loss, help to the recovery of sows' body condition, shorten the estrus interval, increase the rate of mating, and increase the number of ovulation of the next birth.
- Adding this product can more effectively refine the sow feed, which can not only meet the nutritional needs of sows at different stages, but also realize the operability in actual production.