About Jiurui

Yongsheng Medical's OEM business manufactures a variety of medical devices for OEM customers (including Class I, Class II and Class III devices, mainly respiratory products, contrast syringes, disposable orthopedic products, and orthopedic rehabilitation products). Our OBM business develops, manufactures and markets respiratory equipment, disposable products and orthopedic rehabilitation products under its own brand, Yingshi Medical. In order to respect our core values ​​of “innovation, quality and reliability”, we believe that the success of the two business segments depends on our quality assurance standards, rich industry experience and professional and efficient production capabilities. We have accumulated extensive expertise in the production of respiratory devices for the delivery and humidification of patients undergoing ventilation or oxygen therapy, and we are ready to further develop and commercialize respiratory systems and equipment that improve the patient's respiratory care.

Established in 1997, we have become a reliable OEM manufacturer of major international healthcare and medical device companies and have maintained a stable relationship with these companies for more than 10 years. OEM customers entrust us to manufacture medical devices according to their specifications and promote and sell them under their own brand names.

The company has achieved outstanding results in the past years. Its "Inspired Medical" brand was awarded the "Guangdong Famous Trademark" in 2014.

In 2015, we sold our OBM products to more than 380 distributors and other customers in approximately 360 hospitals across 28 provinces and regions in China, and we have worked with Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Chile, Brazil. Established business relationships with 42 overseas distributors and other customers in countries such as Saudi Arabia.

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